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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Meal 'Splainin Caturday Saturday


Well, some kitties have asked about "First Breakfast" etc.  And Im the best one ta esplain cuz Im the only one NOT the cause.  Oh, and annymore who already knows should read the whole post cuz Im putting a joke toward the end (I thought it up myself)

So here's the deal.  Iza has tummy troubles from front to back.  The vet cant find a specific reason.  He has tested her bloods, her pees, her poops, and he even xrayed her once.  Its LIKE she has a slight blockage somewhere, but he cant find it.

1.  She often gags up a little foam (always at dawn) and there are never anny planty stuff.
2.  She can only eat a small amount first thing in the morning or it gets "returned".
3.  She sometimes has runnypoops at the litterbox, and it bears no relation to what food she has eaten.
4.  She doesnt seem to be eating disturbing stuff (like insects or plants).
5.  She seems fine in the afternoons and evenings  (but there have been surprises).
6.  She farts (TBT even keeps a small paper fan by the TV chair).
7.  Her weight varies between 9.8 and 10.4 pounds rather randomly.
8.  She drinks a lot of water.
9.  She will eat as much food as she can get at (even nosing into Marley's bowl unless TBT stops her).
10.  TBT smears her food around the inside edge of the bowl to slow her eating down.
11.  Marley sometimes has a morning problem too, but rarely.
12.  I always eat just as much as I need and no more.
13.  TBT is always amazed that I will walk away from "one bite left" (though he is so accurate that my portion is usually exactly what I want).
14.  MY weight is ALWAYS 6.4 pounds.  Marley's is almost always 12.5.
15.  There are sometimes treats and sometimes not and that doesn't seem to affect IZA one way or another.

That's about all we know.

SO, we get 7 small stinky goodness meals (all gluten-free etc) per day.  First and Second Breakfasts, First and Second Lunches, First and Second Dinners, and Going To Bed Snack.  Marley gets a heaping soupspoonful, Iza gets a regular spoonful at First Breakfast and like Marley's the rest of the day, and I get a regular spoonful every meal. 

THE PROMISED JOKE:  What kind of pictures do grocery store products take of themselves?  "Shelfies"...

SO, that's why we have all those meals.  If anny of the observations about Iza's troubles suggest a problem anny of you Kitties or Beins or Vets known annything about, please leave us a comment.

And of course, please leave us a comment annyway.  Sympathy is always appreciated too, MOL!