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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Snowy Day, Part 1

We got about 8" of that weird snow stuff a few days ago.  But it took TBT a few days ta process the pictures, so we are catching up now.  Here was our deck. 
The holly tree looked nice with bright red berries, but the camera doesnt see them very well.
The good thing was that TBT immediately shoveled a path to the edge of the deck so we could get out to watch the birdies and sniff the clean air.
But we were reluctant ta go out.  We dont see this stuff often, so we are careful.  
I'm thinking "that smells pretty cold and wet".
But we all like ta get out some, and Iza was daring me...
She says I'm supposed ta go first in stuff like this.  I tried to say "no", but a part of my brain said "of course".


AND BTW, it is Ayla and Iza gotcha day.  Same day, different years.