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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Snowy Day, Part 2

The snow lasted longer than the weather-guessers said, so there was more the next morning.  TBT did a quick test to see if there was ice.  There wasnt, but he was wearing indoor shoes so he went to change them.  Meanwhile Iza stepped out ta look around.
She ran back in.  When TBT came back with bigger shoes, he opened the door again and I looked out.  Nope!  I'm not going out in that...
But he shoveled it again and it dried pretty fast.  Appaently, when it is warmish, is goes away fast.   After First Lunch, it was actually sort of dry.  So I went out to have a better look at the stuff.  I sort of remember it.  Something between water and ice cream...
I even got out to the end.  
But there wasn't much ta see.  Just more of it covering the yard.   I headed back to the house.
But then I noticed TBT had made a small path to where there wasnt anny snow near the house.  So I checked it out.  It led to where there were leafs, but they were wet and didnt make any noise to alert mousies, so I didnt mind.
But I found a surprise at the end of the unsnowy area.  More about that tomorrow...