Monday, January 21, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  When TBT is going in and out of the bedroom, a REALLY good place ta get attention is right inside the doorway.   Though one must be careful not ta get stepped on when he is carrying things like the laundry basket that he cant see under...

And notice that I am suttley suubley quietly bringing his attention to the fact that the carpet needs the sucky machine.  That most of the stuff gets into the room from between our toesies from outside is not our concern, of course.
So I also spend some time off the floor in the TV room.  It IS a bit safer!
Though I must say that The Cats Who Came Before really trained him well.  When he is carrying stuff that blocks his sight, he shuffles his feet along carefully.  And he seems to have developed catdar (the ability to detect the presence of a cat when not actually seeing it).