Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My Gotcha Day

MARLEY:  Today is my 8th Gotcha Day.  Wow, it doesnt seem that long!  Here is me arriving my first day here...

HaHa - "gotcha" that was Skeeter.  My first picture here was really this one ...

I was pretty unsure what was going on.  I mean, I dont really remember Mom, I ended up in a shelter with lots of other unhappy kitties and cats, some people took me away from there, but that was ta give me to a Nice Lady for Chrissymouse.

It was a very nice place and she was very kind, but she turned out ta be allergic ta kitties, so she advertised about finding me a better place.  And she found a family that wanted me, but then TBT learned about me from a blog-friend.  And he said he wanted me more than the family and had a better place and I was EXACTLY the cat he needed.

And she eventually agreed.  So he brought me to my Forever Place.  I sure went through a few places before I got here...  I stayed in a room here a few days wondering if that was all the Home I was going to get.  The new Being came in and sat with me many times during the first couple days.  I knew there were other cats in the larger space and worried about that.

But Hugo The Travelling Hippo was there to keep me company too, so that was good.

I got let out in short times the next couple of days when the Other Cats were outside.  Meanwhile, the Being sat with me after stroking the other 2 cats in the house so I could get used to their smells (2 girlcats, I could tell).  Then he carried me around the house so I could see the Other Cats (but safely in his arms).  Finally, I was allowed out of my temporary room while the Being watched us all carefully.

I got hissed at a couple times, but eventually I got sniffed and accepted.  I had a knack even then of getting along (ya learn stuff at a shelter sometimes)...

I learned from them that the Bein was called "The Big Thing".  The smaller but older one was called 'Ayla' and the larger but younger one was 'Iza', and TBT told me I was keeping my previous Lady's name 'Marley' (because it was "just right").  I learned later that iffen TBT hadnt liked the name the Nice Lady gave me, I would have been named 'Jondalar', some Bein where Ayla and Iza got THEIR names.  I like 'Marley' better.  Shorter...

TBT showed me where the food bowls were, where the litterboxes were, and he held me up so I could see outside (and that I would be able ta go "out" when the weather was warm.  That seemed odd, I had never been "out" before (it turned out ta be a great thing, later).

Ayla was real nice to me.  Iza was a bit unhappy, but I purred a lot and she got used ta me.  TBT explained ta me that I was here ta share the space in love and companionship and I dint have a "job", but I had some "responsibilities" like keep Ayla and Iza peaceable, catch any mousies that got in the house, make sure I used the litterboxes, and not claw up the furniture.

That sounded pretty good.  I was already REALLY happy ta be here,  I'm really peaceable, and clean, and there were great places ta scratch on designed for kitties.

And annyway, TBT has magic fingers...

Best thing what ever happened ta me, getting brought here!  So this day allus means a lot.

Here is a another picture of me in the original small room.  I still like that cave, but I fill it up lots more these days, MOL!

I still like it there, too.
Here I am getting up in the morning when Im sure TBT is really UP for the day...