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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thankful Thursday 13

All:  We are thankful for...

1.  Food to please our tummies.
2.  Shelter against the cold and rain and snow.
3.  Warmth when we come in from outside.
4.  Toys that keep us "chasey".
5.  Mystery boxes and eggs with treats to discover.
6.  TBTs love.
7.  His warm secure Lap.
8.  His Magic Fingers.
9.  Many places to nap.
10.  The high fence that keeps us safe when outside.
11.  Each other.
12.  Mousies and voles and moles to snack on outside.
13.  Birdies to watch at the feeder.

And having so many friends who visit us and read about us and care about us...

And things we dint think of...