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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  There has been this cat bed sitting around the house for longer than Ive been here; mebbe Skeeter or LC used ta sleep in it.  TBT moves it around sometimes, but none of us sleep in it.  Well, after TBT moved the bedroom stuff around, he had this old wooden box sitting in the far corner and tossed the bed on it ta get it off the floor so he could use the sucky machine.

Now, ya have ta realize that the bedroom is sort of MY purrsonal territory during the day (it is everyones at night).  And I'm allus looking fer new places ta nap in the daytime.

So I gave the bed a sniff and curled up.  Its actally rather comfy...
Apparently, it was "The Right Spot" fer it, finally.
I enjoyed it...
So guess who decided that if it was good enough fer ME, SHE had ta give it a try?  
I'm sure she slept there that night just because SHE noticed *I* liked it!  I DO admit she fills it properly though...
But I havent curled up in it since then!!!  And neither has she.