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Friday, February 01, 2019

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  It was today in 2011.  I was still very new (see how small I was?) but even then I was settling in between Ayla and Iza ta keep things peaceable!
I even took the top cat tree platform so I could watch over the Sisfurs...
I kept good watch.
And if a Sisfur started a bit of a hissy, I reached out ta say "Be Nice, We Are Family"!
And I allus watched ta make sure TBT knew I was doing my job being a good Brofur.  I was too young ta be a Mancat then, but I was trying...
And when a Sisfur wanted ta complain about the other, I sat there and listened.  Sometimes just listening helps.  Neither of them had a boycat to meow to about the other until I arrived.
Ayla already liked me, but when Iza decided I was OK, I knew it would be good here.