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Friday, February 08, 2019

Flashback Friday

AYLA:  It was 2009 this month.  I was a year here and purrfectly happy when suddenly TBT brought another female Meezer in.  I wasn't happy then.  But TBT had an agreement with a breeder about adopting a couple Meezers "not right fer being Queens".  I was here because I was too small.  Iza arrived because "her colors were smudgy".

The Tonks immediately commented that Iza looked like a Tonkinese.  TBT dint know about Tonkinese, but upon looking up images, saw a cat just like Iza.  So cool...  Izas colors were "smudgy" because she WASNT a Meezer like me.  She was a Tonkinese.  Whew!

But I had to show her my paw...
Who knew she would get so much bigger than me?