Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Comment Troubles Again

We have routinely had problems with getting comments to our friends to show up.  It had been going pretty well the past few weeks but suddenly got bad again today.

Of the first 10 friends we visited, only 2 comments got through, and THEN, the picture verifications showed up.  No matter how carefully TBT looks, he can't seem to satisfy the picture-identification-demands.

We don't know what makes those picture-demands show up.  And, do you get them when visiting US?  We cant tell.

We read that Google has made some changes, and mebbe that is the cause of the new difficulties.

We love ta visit our friends.  We love ta leave comments.  We feel like if ya dont see comments from us, ya dont know we visited.  And that ya would stop visiting us...

We worry that the Gods Of The Sites are trying ta get us to leave by making it hard ta comment.

We keep trying.  We will visit friends again tomorrow to see if things werk better (sometimes they do).  We love our friends.  It is all so annoying and baffling...

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I was feeling glamorous, so I posed for TBT nicely.  He likes it when I do that...