Saturday, February 23, 2019

In Memorium, Sammy And Miles

We don't often post tributes to Cats Who Have Gone Over The Bridge.  That's not because we dont love them, it is because we never know what to say beyond sorrow that their Beins miss them so very very much.   There have been so many that we have loved and whose lives we have enjoyed reading about.

But there is something about Sammy and Miles Meezer that always attracted us. First, as we have mentioned, they were the first cats to leave a comment on our blog.  We don't forget that.  It could have been someone else, but it wasn't.

And we followed their crazy exploits over the years.  The shipping off to foreign places, the box trips down the stairs, HAM!  The various adventures.

When I was a child, we had a female Meezer named Kenani.  When she went OTB, Mom got another named Hai Yu ("Hey You").  When I got out on my own, I wanted a Meezer.  But I had rescue kittens (and loved them dearly).

Sammy and Miles reminded me how much I wanted a loud talkative Meezer.  In 2007, I emailed a local Siamese breeder saying that "If you have a Siamese female that isn't up to your breeding standards, I would have a good home for her".  She replied that indeed she did have a small female and wasn't sure what to do with her because she didn't like to have a female near a new litter.

So I got Ayla, all adult weight 6.2 lbs.  Because loving Sammy and Miles caused me to search...  She is my tiny dancer, prancer, princess...  So that is another thing I owe Sammy and Miles.

I've been blogging over 12 years now.  I owe the start to Max The Psychokitty whose blog I had read from 2004, but I owe a lot to Sammy and Miles too.

When Skeeter went OTB in Dec 2008 and LC followed him in Jan 2010, I said it was the end of an era for me.  That was certainly true for me, but in blogging terms, it was only a few years.

Sammy and Miles were a part of MY life for the 12 years I knew them.

I can only imagine the romping good times they are having OTB, in the prime of their health, playing tricks and enjoying fields of Primo Catnip, and Ham trees etc.  I will always think of them that way.

Fare well, Sammy and Miles...