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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Dr Seuss Day

From All Of Us To All Of You...

There once was a Dr, his name, we think, Seuss.
He opened our minds, til we thought like a goose.

But a goose is not bad, they know Nooth from Sooth.
And The Sooth is very nice place for a Goose.

When some of your friends ask what matters to Gooses

You need only ask if they’re Gooses or Mooses.

Mooses are not the sooth-flying kind

They like local food, and of that they don’t mind.

So whatever the way of your life you do choose.
You stand a good chance to be just like a goose.

Or a moose if that happens to be what you like,
A moose is good friend to take on a hike.

For you see, if you happen to be Goose or a Moose

Be real proud of yourself and whatever you choose.

Both the Goose and the Moose lead quite happy lives.
Though different, we all of us each can decide.

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Happy Celebration Day of Your Birth, Dr. Seuss...  You taught us some good things and we are better adults today because of you.