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Sunday, March 03, 2019

A Prize

IZA here:  Spittikins prized me a prize.  OK, it is for all of us Mews and Miss Mary sent it too , but *I* know it is for me, mostly.   I know he loves me so.  But yes it is for ALL OF US...

I We wroted a poem, and Spitty and his Woman sent these things to me  us and I we are amazed!  It is THE BEST BOOK of cat poems ever,

For example;

"I'm sorry I tripped you in the hall.
I'm sorry I tripped you in the den.
I'm sorry I tripped you in  the bedroom.
I'm sorry I tripped you in the kitchen.
I'm sorry I tripped you in the attic.
I'm sorry I tripped you in the basement. 
I'm sorry I tripped you out the door.
I'm sorry I tripped you on hard cement
But some men paid me 5 Grand to kill you."

Is THAT great poetry or what?  I mean, the REALITY of it just comes across with such SINCERITY!

There is some happy/sappy stuff too.  Like:

"Sometimes when I lie on your warm chest,
And hear your every happy sigh.
I gaze into your two kind eyes.
And wonder who IS that?"

Here is a picture of the book, if ya want some good reading...
There was some other really cool stuff...   Primo Nip (ya can never have enough) and some srsly good toys
An a cool bag.  And there was stuff IN IT...
SOCKS!  Warm clothy ones!  I have something to rest my weary head on while thinking of SPITTY!  And it seems we are now OFFICIALLY SF Giants fans in the hard ballish game.  
They will play our Washington Nationals 6 times this year, so we will wear the socks a lot.  We love to root for other teams than TBT does.  Ayla will sit by the TV and try ta bat the ball away.

All MY our thanks to SPITTY!  and Miss Mary for all the cool stuffs...  It really made my day our month!

We are srsly happified...