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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Cool Stuff Wensday

For What Its Worth...

We discovered something cool recently and thought we should pass it along.  Ya ever get blogs where ya can't get yer normal avatar ta show up?  Mostly non-blogger sites?  Well, we found out how ta fix that.

Go to

They don't ask a lot of information, but you can add your normal avatar image there and it seems that WHEREVER you go, it shows up right!  Even sites that normally assign you random weerd images or a silhouette, you get your own ta show.  We were trying to find out how some friends got their good avatars when they commented and that is how.  Well, ONE WAY at least.

We aren't connected to there in any way, and if there is something bad about the site, please let us know.  But it seems to werk real good so far.

Just wanted to mention that.  We like ta see ours...  MOL!