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Friday, April 05, 2019

Flashback Friday

Well, 10 years ago tomorrow, we were celebrating Iza's First Birfday!  And it went like this...


IZA: Its my first birfday taday April 6 an The Big Thing says efry kitty in the world can come ta visit an play an eat yummy stuff! I is SO ecited!

LC an Ayla tell me it should be a lotta fun hafin a birfday an visitors. But they say I gotta do it right an arrange foods an games an stuff (they say they will help). I been thinkin of the foods first...

OK so there will be HAM



Dont worry, the shells will be removed...




The Big Thing says he will efen put foods up on the table as a special event so we can eat up there (today only).

And there will be drinks! Today I can haf my first Niptini and Anchoverita!

There will be GAMES: We haf a long hallway fer THoE,



TBT will even leaf the deck door open (in the daytime) so we can all go out in the VERY SAFE FENCED backyard annytime we want. There are mousies out there... I havent caught one yet, but LC says she will help and that many kitties are good at catchin them an can help teach me! I wanna learn SO BAD!

There will be many clean litterboxes (TBT says he will keep them clean all day) and of course there is the great outdoors...

Oh this is gonna be such a GREAT day! I hope ya all can come visit and cellybrate...



So that was 10 years ago.  Well, since it is therefore my Birfday again tomorrow (11th), we can do all those things again!  And MORE...  Please come join me...