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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Easy Like Sunday -The Day After The Party

IZA:  My thanks to all who attended my Birfday Party.  It was so wunnerful ta see each and one of you here to enjoy the foods and games and stuff.

We would do more today, but we are all exhaustified an are gonna just sleep all day...  Well, we WILL get up ta eat briefly and do our business, but you know what we mean.

It cant get "Easy Like Sunday" more than THAT!


Added, Oh great, we were getting comments through 100% for 3 weeks and all of a sudden, ZIP, NADA...  And just after TBT did a computer scan.  We think that also happened before the last problem.  There may be something the scan "fixes" that is causing this...

Does anyone elsse have that same thought?