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Monday, April 29, 2019

Moo Cow, Part 1

MOO COW:  Hi, I've been visiting Mark's Mews for a couple weeks.  It's been great!  The first thing TBT (The Mews name for their Bein it seems) did was build me MY OWN BARN.  I didn't really need the corral fences, but I have to admit is WAS comforting and familiar.

Here I am enjoying sitting in the front door.
It was also a great place to sleep at night.
I watched how the Mews and TBT went about their days.  They sure are different from us cows, but that is why I am travelling.  I like to learn things.
It is a REALLY spacious barn!  I LOVE all the room...
I'm keeping notes about them in my brain.  Cows have Very Big Brains, you know...
More tomorrow...