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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Moo Cow, Part 4

MOO COW:  Since Iza had been sharing my barn, she invited me to share the cat tree huts.  It was interesting.  They are different in that you have to climb to get into them.  But they are rather similar in some ways.

I sat in one for a while to get used to it.  I liked it.  But without TBT, I wouldn't have been able to get into them.  And being up that high felt "odd".
But the cat huts ARE spacious and I liked that.
I even slept in a hut one night...  The height didn't bother me with a large platform in the front.  But I couldn't get down on my own.  Fortunately, TBT anticipated my problem and set a tray of straw for me to "do nature's call" (out of sight here).  Well, I AM a Very Good Cow, and can control where I go...
This other hut was especially nice.  There is a big cushion inside.  I had trouble walking on it, but it was GREAT for a midday nap.

More Tomorrow...