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Friday, May 03, 2019

Moo Cow, Part 5

MOO COW: TBT took me on a tour of parts of the house I hadn't seen before.  I mean, there is a whole place UNDER the house.  And he grows GREAT FOOD down there. 

Mostly, he had lettuce.  I LOVE lettuce!  And he grows fancy ones like endive and romaine.
They are as big as I am!  
I could eat it ALL in a day!  Which is why TBT didn't let me just graze there.  He says if he cuts it carefully, it keeps growing back almost all year!  Wow...  So I ate what he gave and enjoyed it a LOT!
But he made sure I had a good meal of them back upstairs.  I sure ate well here.  TBT made sure I had lots of fresh grass, but he added neat stuff like broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.  That was like having desert for meals!

But that WASN'T dessert.  This was.  Now first, I want to mention that I liked TBT's pond.  Water is good to drink, and fishies are fun to watch.  But you see that bright green stuff at the top?  Those are called "anachris" and OH PASTURE COW, it tasted wonderful!  Sweet, crunchy, and (according to TBT) full of vitamins for herbivores!  And I hardly had to cud it twice!
Well, it has been a wonderful visit with TBT and The Mews, but it is time for me to moove on, you know?  I want to learn more about other homes and anipals...

TBT is making a nice comfy travelling box for me, so I will be on my way tomorrow.