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Thursday, May 09, 2019

Not Quite A Garden Tour

IZA:  Seeing the picture from yesserday, it occurred ta us that we hadnt done anny garden tours this year.  An since we dont have anny flowers right now, I decided ta show the front daffodil bed and saucer magnolia tree in bloom from March and April.

The yellow daffodils bloom first.  They are very bright.
At the same time, the saucer magnolia tree is just getting ready to bloom.
Then the blooms all pop open at once.  It is quite impressive.  And ya can see the daffodil bed behind it.
The tree has its own daffodils, too.  There are actually 7 little clumps of them.
The yellow ones are even better up close.
Later, the white daffodils bloom.  They didnt do too well this year (it got too warm too early).  But they are daffodils with a scent so they were still nice.
Next week, I will try to remember the daffodils and tulips and tree in the back yard...