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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Not Quite A Garden Tour

AYLA:  Some of you may wonder what I see when I sit on the deck rails...
So here is the view looking from right all around the backyard to the left side....

The fence gates are BIG!  That is so the car and trailer can get in.
This is the wild area.  TBT says he will clear it out later this year.  But Marley loves to hunt in there, so it is last on his list.
 The fence I sometimes sit on...
The far-back yard...
All that brown area used ta be overgrown with wild blackberries and vines and stuff.  It is bigger than it looks from here on the deck.
Toolsheds and daffodil bed and enclosed garden area where TBT grows veggies (yuck)!
A better view of the daffodils and garden enclosure.  Its covered with chicken wire.  It keeps the Evil Skwerls, groundhogs, rabbits and birds out.
The backyard saucer magnolia tree.  And ya can see the fence goes all around the yard.  Sometimes I walk the whole length for fun.   
That part covered with whitish-stuff is to keep the Spring Peeper frogs out.   Otherwise, they make so much noise at night that none of us can sleep.  And the border of daffodils is nice.
The houses here are closer than many friends thought they were.  Well, we stick to our own yard in reality and in pics.  Usually...  The whole area against the fence on this side is filled with flowers that will bloom is Summer and Fall.  The yeller an bloo dots near the bottom are pansies TBT planted last Fall.  
So thats what I mostly see sitting up on the deck and looking around.  Sorry there wernt anny good birds or Evil Skwerls to see this time.  They tend to run away when they see me sitting up here!

An interesting note...  All the houses on our street are some type of tan/yellow (some with some brick).  Ours was first "The Bloo House"  and now it is "The Green House".   Our neighbors lack imagination...