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Friday, May 24, 2019

Thankful Thursday On Friday

IZA:  Well, we meant ta do a Thankful Thursday yesserday and we didnt quite manage it.  So we are doing it today.  Its because we WON A PRIZE!  Yes, 15&Meowing had a Star Wars Giveaway and WE won. 

There was a Star Wars ships mat.  And it was bloo and tan, which are good colors fer me.
I immediately scrunched it up and bunny-kicked it.  
What?  Isnt that how a Space Warp werks?  Well, annyway, it had some enemy ships on it that needed ta be destroyed.
There are also some Star Wars Mouse Troopers!
The Darth Vader Helmet is inneresting...
Ayla was attracted ta THAT!  She likes to pertend ta be Darth Vader sometimes.
We think TBT can have the key-holder.  We can hardly even lift it!  He thinks it should hold a machine key.
Marley liked the mat, too.  An he agreed it was a Space Warp!
Thank you so much 15&Meowing!