Thursday, June 06, 2019

Thankful Thursday - A Love Letter

TBT here:  I'm writing this love letter to my Mews, past and present.

Dear Mews - You have all been wonderful beyond anything I ever deserved.  From the earliest tabby females, to the kittens of the one who I watched give birth in my closet because a stupid roommate let a male cat in out of curiousity and I had to find homes for, to the more expected ones later in my life to the ones at the house (Tinkerbelle, then Skeeter and LC), and now you 3 here,  I thank you.

The early sisfurs  (they were all sisfurs) didn't have the best lives.  I was stupid and inexperienced.  But they were happy with me and taught me the basics, and I did get better after the first couple in bad apartments.

The daughter of a daughter of a later cat came with me to my first house.  She (Mischief) was single kitty.  When I returned home one evening to find her just plain dead at 13 years, I was very sad.   I buried her in the garden in a cold pouring November rain and scratched her name on a brick I put over her.

But before I could even grieve much,  my sister asked if I would take their "angry mean cat" who was scratching her and the baby constantly.    I said yes.  Tinkerbelle was uneasy.  She had been seriously injured by a dog (and I do not love dogs to this day).  But I learned to stroke her furs just avoiding the injuries.  We got along, current loved ones...

After a few years, I thought she would like a companion cat.  So I went to a pet shop and it was a mess, being renovated.  The only cat in the shop was Skeeter and I rescued him from the dust and noise.  You only remember him in his last year, Ayla.  But of course he was once just a small kitten and he was terrified.  He calmed down after living here, but I couldn't open a plastic trash bag without him running away.  I always thought he associated plastic bags with dead cats from the store.

And Tinkerbelle was mean to him.  So I got him a kitty of his own. the same day a year later.  She had problems with ear mites and her eyelids stuck together fromthe infections but we got through that.  So it was Tinkerbelle , Skeeter, and LC for a while.

Ayla, you remember Skeeter briefly and LC for another year when you were new here, right?   You don't remember Tinkerbelle.  She used to stay out at night sometimes.  One day, she was out in the morning and wouldn't come back inside when I went fishing one day.  It wasn't that unusual, but I never saw her again.  I called around the neighborhood for a week, but never got a meow-back or eye-reflection from the flashlight.  No neighbor admitted to seeing a dead cat on the street.  I hope she found a new home.  But she was old and my have just decided to off by herself to expire in peace...

So then it was just Skeeter and LC and me.   They became important to me and they were actually the first Mews when I started blogging after reading about Max The Psycho-Kitty.

But by then, Skeeter and LC were old dear friends of so many years.  Skeeter was struggling, and LC was totally oriented to him.  I should have realized that naming the blog after 2 old cats wasn't the smartest thing to do, dear ones, but I didn't think either would ever die.  Well, even us Beings deny reality sometimes.

That's when you, Ayla, really came into my life.  I had always wanted a Siamese girlcat, and found a breeder the previous year who thought you weren't good as a Queen (too small), so she let me have you.  And of course, dear one, that's why you are a Princess because you would never be a Queen.

And you had to suffer being spayed 3 times.  The breeder's vet botched it twice.  Oh those were hard times,  You sufferred, sweet little one.  And so did I with scratches and clawmarks holding you in your misery for a week at a time twice a month.

When you finally went to our own vet because of an infection, he found the problem, spayed you successfully, and it has been calm love ever since.   But then it was you and LC and me and LC followed Skeeter too soon.  

And right away, without foreknowledge, the breeder said she had another female cat "not good for breeding" (smudged colors for a Siameses - which was because she was actually a Tonkinese) and would I accept her?  I said "yes" because well, I wanted a sisfur for you...  I was still working and gone 12 hours a day.

I'm sorry you didn't like each other much.  Iza wasn't the friend to you I thought she would be,  but you didn't like LC either and then she followed Skeeter just before.    So there was you and Iza, and me and you were unhappy.  I decided you needed a brofur.  I searched months for a good orange mancat like Skeeter (because it seems to be something about gingers or oranges) and a blogger found the right one.

So then it was you and me and Iza and Marley.  You 3 got along and became "The Mews".

You 3 are all very special to me.  You, Ayla, are special for the 3 spays and the hard times we spent before that and the loving times after.  You, Iza, are the lovey who can't stand not being next to me and cries when she doesn't know where I am.

And Marley...  What can I say about your soothing presence between Ayla and Iza?  Orange/White mancats are always calming influences,.  And from the moment your temp Lady called you down the stairs at her house, you saw me sitting on the floor, and crawled right onto my lap and purred!  We all understood that you were "The Right One".

My dear Mews, you make my life better than this aging Being has a right to deserve.  Thank "mew" for finding your various ways into my life.  I would be an old crotchety fart without each of you enlightening my life every day.

Thank you, Ayla.

Thank you, Iza.

Thank you, Marley.

I love each of you so much...