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Monday, June 17, 2019

Its My Birthday

AYLA:  Today I Am 12!  Ive sure had a great life so far!

Well, having to be spayed 3 times wasn't great, but it was sure good afterwards!  Peace for the first time in 4 years and it sure has been all calm ever since.  I didn't remember what it was like to have physical peace before that.

TBT has been wunnerful all that time before and after.  Even when I went all stiff in his arms and scratched him a lot digging in my claws in before.  I've been his little Princess since then.  Not that I wasn't before but it was harder.

But really, a nice house, a warm lap, good food, a good Dad. You know what I mean.

I think I will just take it easy this year.  No big party.  I'll save that for next year.  Dad (TBT says we can call him that now) says we will just spend the day out on the deck and he will sit in a chair and I can just sit on his lap while sniffin the breeze and listening to the birdies and Iza and Marley will be inside so I don't have to worry.  That sounds good.

I do have a lovely card ta show, though, from Pipo & His Hooligan brofurs...