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Friday, June 21, 2019

Thursday Garden Tour On Friday

AYLA:  We are behind but CATching up...  And Im doing the Garden Tour again.  Dad said I could...  So please come down and let's look around the yard.
But of course there are the deck pots.  They were boring last month but are flowering now.   I dint know Zinnias came in so many colors.  These are called "Pinwheel" cause of the many colors I guess.
The Stella D-Oro are blooming like mad.
And the Stoke's Asters are doing really good.  They bloom well, and seem unkillable and they never need weeding.
The Lilly Pond is doing well.  
The hostas are loving the wet weather and cloudy sun.  We have them all over the back yard.  
Look careful at the Stoke's Asters...
Bees love them!
And love them.
And so do other bugs...  No, don't eat them...
The meadow bed is finally showing a few flowers.  There will be more soon.
Like these, I hope.
The daylilies are starting ta bloom.  They are for looking at, not leaf-nibbling.  Dad intends to move them to the front yard this Fall.  Not that we are tempted to eat them (they smell wrong) but he wants to be sure.
This is a weerd patch TBT planted last week.  All sorts of leftovers.  But it will be inneresting ta see how they all look in a month.
The Purple Coneflowers are as dependable as flowers can be.  They are older than *I* am.  But they keep blooming.
Well, that's the tour this week.  Let's go back up on the deck and see what treats Dad and Iza have arranged.

Ooh, Hill's Chicken crunchies, Nip Leafs, and OMC, Gerber's turkey food...  And fresh rainwater, of course...  My tummy is growling...