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Friday, June 28, 2019

Freaky Friday

IZA:  I got trapped in a closet yesserday.  Sure, all Dad did was open the door quickly to throw a Winter hat onto the top shelf but I ran in to look around.  Places we dont usually get to get into often are always so enticing.

So he heard me talking a couple of times when he was in other rooms but not when he was near the closet.

I blame Ayla, myself.  Well, I'm not going to blame ME of course.  But she didnt show up for breakfast 2 days ago, and by lunchtime Dad was panicking.  The last time one of us was "missing but in the house" was when LC had a stroke and had hidden in basement junk when he finally found her.  She went to The Bridge that day.  So he gets a bit weerd when he cant find one of us. 

So after finally finding Ayla just sitting unner the bed, he reminded himself that sometimes we just want some "alone" time.  So when he heard me talking a couple times but couldnt actually find me, he figured it was one of those times.  And it wasnt like I was in any distress.  It was an innersting place.  But I was annoyed.  One does want to visit the litter box eventually...

He eventually went around the den shaking the kibble bottle.  That made me call out, and he opened the closet door after his pathetic hearing finally located where I was.

I milked that for all I could (well what kitty wouldnt?) and after enough treats I got laptime too.  What I dont have are pictures of the closet release.  But trust me, it happened...

Be careful of closets, though.  Unlike kitchen cabinet doors, they dont open from the inside.