Sunday, June 30, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  Well, first a minor bad news.  The Art Of Paws heaty mat that the wonderful Whiskeratti sent me (to replace the previous exact same one TBT bought before) died last week.  The original died after only a few moons and TBT thought he had damaged the weak plug when moving it to a new spot.  And after many emails, the Art Of Paws folks said they just werent selling in the US anymore and couldn't even replace it.

When the one The Whiskeratti sent also died, we concluded it was "just poor stuff".  You kitties in Britain may want to be cautious about them.  I mean, TBT even searched the innernet for the adaptor plugs both times and they cant even be bought (probably for good reason).  Well, chit happens...

So, the good news.  The one we have isnt quite as warm, but it keeps working.  And in Summer moons, I dont need it to be as warm as in Winter.  And, werking or not, the old dead heaty mats ARE soft.  So Dad piled them all up with the working but slightly less warm one (from a different company) on top.

I present you with proof of my enjoyment of "The Pile"!

So it is an Easy Like Sunday after all (even if I do enjoy some odd napping positions on it).