Monday, July 01, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Im enjoying time on the back of the chair.  Less movement than on Dads lap and Im still really close to him.  Iza can tolerate the most lap movement.  He can pick her up and shift his legs and set her back down and she hardly even wakes up.  Ayla tolerates the least ( a slight shift and shes gone..  Im in between (as in most things).  I dont LIKE being picked up for him to adjust his legs and fuss a bit, but iffen he holds me a moment, I settle back down. 

But the back of the chair is ALLUS safe. 
Sometimes he just looks back at me in amazement at how happy I am there.  Well, OF COURSE Im happy there.  Would I stay there iffen I wasnt?
BTW, note the serious nose he has.  Ive seen other Beins and they arent quite like that nosie-wise.  He says that being from Western Europe (France and Germany - that may be the State next to us, Im not really sure) he may have more Neanderthal genes than average and THEY had impressive noseies. 

Well, so much of him is so different than us kitties I shouldn't be very surprised.  But I allus am... 

Annyway, this is one of the best spots I know of to sit close to him, so its a favrit!