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Friday, July 05, 2019

Flashback Friday

IZA:  Oh my, we are week off on this, these pictures of Grandad are in late June in 2012.  But better late than never. 

Grandad was just arrived for 2 years after spending weeks in a hospital for a bumpy on the head but also some confusions that wouldn't go away.  The hospital called TBT one day and said "come get him cuz he can't live alone or drive any more".  Dad and his brother flew on wings a plane down there and got him home and packed his stuff into Grandad's car.  Brother drove Grandad to our house and Dad flew home ahead to set up a bed and stuff.

Brother took Grandad's car away for him not to drive.  Dad settled him into the house with us.  Grandad was friendly to us in an odd sort of confused way.  He thought some of us were cats from ages ago and sometimes he thought he was in a hotel in Pennsylvania, but we dint mind.
Sometimes he went out on the deck.  He liked watching me.  He talked to me a lot.
 He always liked me best.
But he had a hard time standing out on the deck.  
I sat on his lap a lot.  He liked that.  He called me "Jeremy" often but that was OK too.  TBT says that was the cat he knew best "before", and what does a name really matter annyway?  He liked me.  And I liked him too.

He stayed with us 2 years, but finally needed more care than we could do.  Auntie Susan found him a good place to settle his last couple years.  He liked the place.

I kinna miss him though.