Sunday, July 07, 2019


IZA:  We are having a nice Easy Sunday here today.  TBT surprised us with treats for Breakfast!  The deck has been comfy (cloudy so it isnt hot).  The US Womens Soccer Team won the World Cup for the 4th time in a row. 

But we wanted to show the 4th Of July fireworks from here at Washington DC (we think of Washington as "local") before it got too old...
They are pretty.
We dont mind the noise of these because we dont feel the pressure and vibrations.
And they arent like camera flashies.
It was quite a finale!
And then the smoke drifted slowly away afterwards...

However, a neighbor sets off fireworks on the 3rd, 4th, AND 5th and THAT bothers us.  We can feel those!  Marley immediately goes UTB at the first one and stays there for an hour after they end, because he is never sure when "the last one" is.  Ayla leaves after a few and curls up ON the bed in the dark bedroom where she feels safe enough.

I usually sit on TBTs lap (which feels safe enough), but this time I went and laid down unner the open dishwasher door.  That allus seems like a safe spot.  Dad says they are illegal here but one of those laws the Police Beins wont enforce cuz there is just too much of it going on.

But the TV pictures are inneresting and I can see the TV from unner the dishwasher door.  And I can see the food bowls from there, too.  Thats impawtant!