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Monday, July 08, 2019

Mancat Monday Not

This would normally be Mancat Monday, but we discussed a comment

"Patzys Place has left a new comment on your post "Caturday Saturday": They could be more creative. Fans could post pictures of their cats up on the billboard / big screen for everyone to enjoy! Or post pictures of cats who need homes at the local shelter. Or both cats in the shelter plus ones who have found happy homes too!"

with Dad to see iffen he had anny ideas.  He did.  He searched the Washington National's baseball website looking for  a marketing email.  Well, no luck there.  But he did find a general snail mail address.


REALLY!  He said how that was a really great idea and they should consider it and how cats were so VERY photogenic.  And he added a few pics to prove it.

It read...


Washington Nationals Baseball Club, LLC
Nationals Park
1500 South Capitol Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

July 8, 2019

Subject:  Marketing

I am a member of the cat-blogging community.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a complaint.  We enjoyed your recent promotion involving the Cat-urday t-shirts.  Cats don’t get a lot of respect and we appreciated the idea.

We understand that Cats In The Park wouldn’t really work well .  I blogged about that.  And one of my readers had a really interesting suggestion.

In return for not having Cats In The Park what about inviting  fans to send pictures of their cats to be shown randomly on the display board?  You pick a dozen or more and just show them when opportunities rise. 

Cats are very photogenic.   Not that I mean you would use mine, but just look at these 2 as examples…


I hope you will consider it.  We don’t care about credit…

Mark Spencer
2118 Marbella Drive
Waldorf, MD  20601


The pictures won't copy directly from the copy of the letter, but these are the ones he used...
-->as examples.  If you keep trying you can get most anything anywhereeventually, MOL! 
We will be very innerested to see if we get a response...