Saturday, July 20, 2019

Flashback Friday And A Status

AYLA:  We aren't really "back" yet, but we are less busy than Dad, so he said we could do a Friday Flashback.  So Im taking advantage of this and sneaking in several...

This week in 2009, I was enjoying a box WITH clothes in it.
Thats a really nice combination!

This week in 2011, I was enjoying the platform tree TBT made himself.  It was before we got the fancier ones, so it was out in the living room then.
And I posed nicely, of course...

This one is from this week in 2011.  Its not a great picture (across the house in the dark), but it has us all in it, so its worth showing.  It was our first "fancy" cat tree.
Meanwhile, it is hot-as-hell lately and Dad will only let us stay out for about 15 minutes at a time and then we have to stay in for at least an hour.  And we have to drink water.  Well, Iza drinks water all the time.  But he saw Marley drinking water from the bowl.  He makes me eat soupy canned food.  I dont actually drink water by itself, so he adds some to my canned food and I have to eat THAT.

Caturday and Sunday are supposed to get to 100F, so we won't get out AT ALL.

Oh, BTW, we really have him getting locked down as "Dad".  He opened the deck door when we were all out there and said "Time to come in, kids".  AHA!

(see Dads post)

Friday, July 12, 2019

Flashback Friday

MARLEY:  Today in 2011, I was enjoying my chair tent.
It was really cozy!
My tail kept sneaking out though, which sort of gave away my location.  You can see me glaring at it here...

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wensday Mancat

MARLEY:  Iza loves to bunny-kick this mat.  I should check out why.
OMC its full of NIP!
OK, I'll be here a while...

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Tuesday Tsunami

We got nearly drowned yesserday morning and we are still recovering.  The basement got all wet and there was standing water between the stairs and the litterboxes.  That caused a lot of Mews discussion.

Like, we know what happens with the scoopable litter when we pee on it, and we didnt want to go to the boxes with wet paws!  Its sticky...

Fortunately, Dad woke up in time before we had to make "the difficult choice".  He lifted the biggest box to dry space.  We were pretty much clenching our butts tightly in uncertainty of "where to go", so that was a really good thing.  We actually formed a line and "went" as quickly as possible in turn.  And Dad just sat there cleaning the box as we went.  He forgives everything...

Sometimes we dont appreciate him as much as we could.  On the other paw, that IS part of his job.  So, annyway, it all worked out.

Why did the basement get all wet?  Well, there is more to it than just the wet basement.  It rained over 6" here in a few hours.  The details (and pictures) are all on his own blog.  WE only had mild annoyances.  Dad has more problems...

But of course we have to show pictures of us aside from all that.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Mancat Monday Not

This would normally be Mancat Monday, but we discussed a comment

"Patzys Place has left a new comment on your post "Caturday Saturday": They could be more creative. Fans could post pictures of their cats up on the billboard / big screen for everyone to enjoy! Or post pictures of cats who need homes at the local shelter. Or both cats in the shelter plus ones who have found happy homes too!"

with Dad to see iffen he had anny ideas.  He did.  He searched the Washington National's baseball website looking for  a marketing email.  Well, no luck there.  But he did find a general snail mail address.


REALLY!  He said how that was a really great idea and they should consider it and how cats were so VERY photogenic.  And he added a few pics to prove it.

It read...


Washington Nationals Baseball Club, LLC
Nationals Park
1500 South Capitol Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

July 8, 2019

Subject:  Marketing

I am a member of the cat-blogging community.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a complaint.  We enjoyed your recent promotion involving the Cat-urday t-shirts.  Cats don’t get a lot of respect and we appreciated the idea.

We understand that Cats In The Park wouldn’t really work well .  I blogged about that.  And one of my readers had a really interesting suggestion.

In return for not having Cats In The Park what about inviting  fans to send pictures of their cats to be shown randomly on the display board?  You pick a dozen or more and just show them when opportunities rise. 

Cats are very photogenic.   Not that I mean you would use mine, but just look at these 2 as examples…


I hope you will consider it.  We don’t care about credit…

Mark Spencer
2118 Marbella Drive
Waldorf, MD  20601


The pictures won't copy directly from the copy of the letter, but these are the ones he used...
-->as examples.  If you keep trying you can get most anything anywhereeventually, MOL! 
We will be very innerested to see if we get a response...


Sunday, July 07, 2019


IZA:  We are having a nice Easy Sunday here today.  TBT surprised us with treats for Breakfast!  The deck has been comfy (cloudy so it isnt hot).  The US Womens Soccer Team won the World Cup for the 4th time in a row. 

But we wanted to show the 4th Of July fireworks from here at Washington DC (we think of Washington as "local") before it got too old...
They are pretty.
We dont mind the noise of these because we dont feel the pressure and vibrations.
And they arent like camera flashies.
It was quite a finale!
And then the smoke drifted slowly away afterwards...

However, a neighbor sets off fireworks on the 3rd, 4th, AND 5th and THAT bothers us.  We can feel those!  Marley immediately goes UTB at the first one and stays there for an hour after they end, because he is never sure when "the last one" is.  Ayla leaves after a few and curls up ON the bed in the dark bedroom where she feels safe enough.

I usually sit on TBTs lap (which feels safe enough), but this time I went and laid down unner the open dishwasher door.  That allus seems like a safe spot.  Dad says they are illegal here but one of those laws the Police Beins wont enforce cuz there is just too much of it going on.

But the TV pictures are inneresting and I can see the TV from unner the dishwasher door.  And I can see the food bowls from there, too.  Thats impawtant!

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Caturday Saturday

The Washington Nationals baseball team has a "Pups In The Park" day where people can bring their dogs to the game.  Well, today they are having "Cat-urday".

There are neat T-Shirts (for expensive reserved seats, though proceeds benefit the Humane Rescue Alliance)...

But fans can't bring their cats!  Not that most of us would WANT ta be at a noisy crowded stadium fer hours in carriers or on leashes (and no litter boxes or soft cushions), but that seems completely unfair.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Flashback Friday

IZA:  Oh my, we are week off on this, these pictures of Grandad are in late June in 2012.  But better late than never. 

Grandad was just arrived for 2 years after spending weeks in a hospital for a bumpy on the head but also some confusions that wouldn't go away.  The hospital called TBT one day and said "come get him cuz he can't live alone or drive any more".  Dad and his brother flew on wings a plane down there and got him home and packed his stuff into Grandad's car.  Brother drove Grandad to our house and Dad flew home ahead to set up a bed and stuff.

Brother took Grandad's car away for him not to drive.  Dad settled him into the house with us.  Grandad was friendly to us in an odd sort of confused way.  He thought some of us were cats from ages ago and sometimes he thought he was in a hotel in Pennsylvania, but we dint mind.
Sometimes he went out on the deck.  He liked watching me.  He talked to me a lot.
 He always liked me best.
But he had a hard time standing out on the deck.  
I sat on his lap a lot.  He liked that.  He called me "Jeremy" often but that was OK too.  TBT says that was the cat he knew best "before", and what does a name really matter annyway?  He liked me.  And I liked him too.

He stayed with us 2 years, but finally needed more care than we could do.  Auntie Susan found him a good place to settle his last couple years.  He liked the place.

I kinna miss him though. 

Thursday, July 04, 2019

USA Independence Day

Dad says this is a day where goals of freedom and acceptance should rule. We're good with that idea.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  OK, its not my best picture.  But it has become one of my favrit spots to sit...
First, its a recliner chair Dad doesnt sit in and covered with a sheet.  So it doesn't move and Im free to fur it up really well.  Second it is very wide and soft.  Third there are double windows to look out on the front yard.  Sometimes strange Beings and Woofies walk past on the street.  And the tree near the window attracts a lot of birds.  So it is a really good spot.  It is even better than the cat trees on either side.

Dad is having trouble with the new camera.  The more they do, the trickier they are ta use.  And (he says) the instructions get harder to understand.  He hasn't figured out how to get "macro" yet.  He says he thinks some setting overcomes macro.  I know that means "close-ups" but not annything more than that and he was trying to get a "close-up" here.

BUT!  I do want to mention again how comfy a spot this is and (so far) neither Iza nor Marley realize it.  I hope it stays that way (I HAVE purrsonally furred it up rather well)...  And that Dad figures out the camera...

Monday, July 01, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Im enjoying time on the back of the chair.  Less movement than on Dads lap and Im still really close to him.  Iza can tolerate the most lap movement.  He can pick her up and shift his legs and set her back down and she hardly even wakes up.  Ayla tolerates the least ( a slight shift and shes gone..  Im in between (as in most things).  I dont LIKE being picked up for him to adjust his legs and fuss a bit, but iffen he holds me a moment, I settle back down. 

But the back of the chair is ALLUS safe. 
Sometimes he just looks back at me in amazement at how happy I am there.  Well, OF COURSE Im happy there.  Would I stay there iffen I wasnt?
BTW, note the serious nose he has.  Ive seen other Beins and they arent quite like that nosie-wise.  He says that being from Western Europe (France and Germany - that may be the State next to us, Im not really sure) he may have more Neanderthal genes than average and THEY had impressive noseies. 

Well, so much of him is so different than us kitties I shouldn't be very surprised.  But I allus am... 

Annyway, this is one of the best spots I know of to sit close to him, so its a favrit!