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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Flashback Friday And A Status

AYLA:  We aren't really "back" yet, but we are less busy than Dad, so he said we could do a Friday Flashback.  So Im taking advantage of this and sneaking in several...

This week in 2009, I was enjoying a box WITH clothes in it.
Thats a really nice combination!

This week in 2011, I was enjoying the platform tree TBT made himself.  It was before we got the fancier ones, so it was out in the living room then.
And I posed nicely, of course...

This one is from this week in 2011.  Its not a great picture (across the house in the dark), but it has us all in it, so its worth showing.  It was our first "fancy" cat tree.
Meanwhile, it is hot-as-hell lately and Dad will only let us stay out for about 15 minutes at a time and then we have to stay in for at least an hour.  And we have to drink water.  Well, Iza drinks water all the time.  But he saw Marley drinking water from the bowl.  He makes me eat soupy canned food.  I dont actually drink water by itself, so he adds some to my canned food and I have to eat THAT.

Caturday and Sunday are supposed to get to 100F, so we won't get out AT ALL.

Oh, BTW, we really have him getting locked down as "Dad".  He opened the deck door when we were all out there and said "Time to come in, kids".  AHA!

(see Dads post)