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Thursday, August 01, 2019


AYLA:  Dad tried to stay away to get things done around the house and yard.  And he says it sure did help him get back into a normal daytime schedule.  And he says it was rather enlightening to not spend time on the computer every night.  There was a WHOLE WEEK where he only checked for emails once a day! 

The idea was that he would get a lot of stuff done.  And he did.  But we were unhappy not telling everyone what we were doing and stuff, so we pawed him a bit until he relented.  He says he was spending too much time on computer stuff that didn't involve US and he could reduce THAT!

So we are back...

We arent purrzactly sure where we left off in the pictures, but we think these are new and we will go from there.

Marley re-discovered the Hammick.

So, of course, so did Iza...  Anything that seems good to annykitty seems good to her.  In fact, she has really taken to it, spending most of her daytime naps there.  Marley only gets a chance at it now when Iza naps on the bed next to TBT at night.

ME?  I'm just enjoying life.  I sit up high and watch Iza and Marley wander around on the floor, eat my meals in safety up on the shoe rack or dresser top, sit out on the deck in the shade, catch a mousie or 2 in the meadow garden, and sit on TBT when he is sleeping.

Life is good for us all here...