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Monday, August 05, 2019

Mancat Monday

Marley:  Some evenings I just want to curl up on TBTs lap and nap.  Other nights, I want more serious attention.  This was one of THOSE nights. 
I heard a song on the magic music box that expressed it.  "He's got magic hands"...
I used to actually pass out sometimes from it when I was a kitten.  I'm a bit more used to used to it now, but the pleasure never goes away.
He knows JUST where to work his weerd clawless fingers...
Ayla, Iza, and I have discussed it.  We have tried to do the same for each other, but it doesn't seem to work.  I mean, we all enjoy being groomed by each other and doing it, but it isnt QUITE the same.
But who cares so long as he does it, right?   He even carefully rubbed off some mousie-bite scabs around my lips (some mousies object to being properly caught and get fierce - its like they dont unnerstand their purpose in life)!  Oh that felt good...
OK, here's a question for all.  Which is best to you about the Beins?  The Lap, The Scritchie-Fingers, or the Opposable Thumb?