Thursday, August 08, 2019

Garden Tour Thursday


Well, we havent done this in a while, so we have a lot to show!

We have No IDEA what this one is.  It just bloomed one day from no where.
The Brown-Eyed Susans and all over the place  in clumps brightening up the yard.  They move around seeking the best spots.
Really, they are in clumps all over the place.
This is a Tithonia.  Dad planted 6, only this one grew.  
More Brown-Eyed Susans.  Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE!
A medium-size butterfly on a butterfly bush.  If you look around on the tour, you will see a dozen of them on the bush.  Small, Medium, and Large.
These are the orange flowers completely filling the bee/butterfly/Hummingbird bed.  Dad scatterred saved seeds and these really took over.
 See?  They are filling the bed...
There are smaller ones that add color.  This is a cosmos.  We hope for more of those next year.
This is a cutey.  Normally, white flowers don't get a lot of attention, but we see small butterflies there often.
Speaking of butterflies, if ya sit still long enough, some of the big ones come by.
And fly away to the next flower...
These are in the meadow bed.  They seem to be a small sunflower.  There are small insects that seem to really love them.  Dad says that if there is something for all the good bugs, we are doing it right.  
The cherry tomatoes are doing well.  Dad loves them on his salads.  We have sniffed them even cut open and dont sniff annything that innerests US.  But Beins eat a lot of weerd stuff.  We thing that is rther doggie-like, but he says it is more bear-like.  OK, bears are cool...
We think these are weeds, but anything that flowers a lot seems good.  Dad says all fancy modern flowers were originally weeds.  We're not sure about that, but flowers are flowers...
You have ta stick yer nosie in the meadow bed a bit ta see these small ones.  But white and pink are nice colors too.  
The Other cherry tomato plant.  Dad picks some from one, one day, and the other the next.  He says it will be 3 plants next year.  He ran out of ripe ones the other day...
The purple coneflowers are blooming.  Not like they used to though.  They have been around since Skeeter and LC, so they may be wearing out.  TBT may dig them all up, divide them, and see if they recuperate.  Goldfinches like the seedheads.  Dad likes goldfinches.  We do too, but not exactly in the same way (koff, koff)...
The volunteer butterfly bush is doing well.  They dont really self-sow, but sometimes one shows up in an odd place.  This one is right next the the house, so we sit on the deck and watch the bees and butterflies moving from flower to flower.
This is one of our favrit dylillies.  Dont worry, we are not even tempted to nibble.  They are surrounded by Nip Plants and we want THOSE leaves.
 These are nice too.  Dad plans to move them along the front yard creek.  Maybe those Viscious Deer will eat them and get tummyaches!
Dad found a small bag of bulbs  in the back of the basement refrigerator and planted them.  Look at the pretty colors!
The dck pots are in great shape and bloom.  Each one has 3 Zinnias and a Marigold.
We dint know what colors the Zinnias would be...
Some are growing madly.  Well, they are in Dads special soil.  So of course they would.
This one is all Marigolds of 2 kinds.
Ever seen Purple Romaine Lettuce?  Here it is.  Dad says it tastes the same, but it sure does color up a salad.  And easy to grow.
The Coreopsis Moonglow has been blooming all Summer.  Most perennials dont do that.  So we really like them for that.
Another butterfly on the butterfly bush.  Someome sure named THAT shrub right, MOL!

Now, its pretty hot outside, so lets have some snacks inside on the cool wood floor.  But there are also plants inside.  Ivy, Poinsetia, Caladiums,  and a couple Draceana who never seem to be happy wherever they are.  *I* think they want larger pots...
Now, the snacks...  I think we will have some chicken kibbles, some chewy Roo, a bowl of Gerber Turkey, and some drinks (Niptinis and Purrfect Creamtinis.  And Dad says he will toss rattley mousies around right after that.  Well, it has been a while since our last Garden Tour, so we want to do it right...

And Happy International Cat Day to all!  We deserve it...