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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I am a cautious cat.  I'm a responsible cat.  I'm also the eldest cat.  And, far as I can tell, I have a better memory than Iza or Marley  (I swear to Bast, sometimes it seems like they dont even TRY).

Well, back when Grampa was here, there was a bad storm (Iza slept through it, Marley hid UTB, and I just stayed away from the windows).  TBT came in the living room and thought that a part of the ceiling looked odd.  It was "just" a little unflat, he told Grampa.

So he went into the attic and found a slow drip, and put a big trashcan under it.  Good thing he did, because we were all about to go to bed and maybe the ceiling would have crashed like melting jello. 

The next morning, he found a tree branch had poked a tiny hole in the roof.  He covered the area and called a ceilinger atticer roofer to come take a look.  But the roof was old and the flat things on the top were all crumbly and some of the top was rotting, so he had it all replaced.

So now, whenever there is a storm, I get up high and watch the ceiling.  We have had lots of severe storms lately., so I dont want our house to fall in.  I would get RAINED ON and I hate that.

So here is me watching the ceiling carefully during a recent rain...
  After the storm ended, I got down, and TBT gave me some treats.  He says I am a Very Good Girl...