Saturday, August 31, 2019

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  Sometimes it is good to hold your position with the claws.
You cant fall off the platform that way.
Not that I ever have, but it is good to be careful...

And that was last week.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Flashback Friday

Today we are re-visiting this week in 2012.

I was loving rolling around in the tree debris...
Oh yeah, good scratchy stuff!
And there were butterflies...

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Not Good Tuesday

IZA:  I cant belief it.   Dad is going ta bring me to the NEW vet (Dr Jeffrey retired 3 moons ago) and not fer an annual visit either.  Well, not today, but soon.

So what if my poops are like "pudding"  So What if I return my first meal to the floor sometimes?  So what iffen  I hack up white foam every morning?  Who doesn't?

TBT:  Iza, most cats DON'T.  Ayla and Marley don't.  Neither do your friends (mostly).

IZA:  They don't?

TBT:  No.  You have a problem, Iza, and maybe now that Dr Jeffery has retired, we should take a new look at it.  Just because Dr Jeffrey couldn't find the problem doesn't mean a new vet can't.  Wouldn't you like to eat and keep your food down in the morning?

IZA:  Well, yeah, I guess...

DAD MODE (I'm still trying to get used to this):  So understand, Iza, it is going be an annoying visit.    The new vet is going to stab you a couple times, invade your nether parts and "maybe" do some other annoying stuff I don't even know about.  But she really cares about kitties and wants to figure out how to make you happier!

IZA:  "Happier"?

DAD:  Well, do you LIKE horking up foam every morning?

IZA:  Well no.

DAD:  So let's give the new vet a chance to make you feel better, OK?

IZA:  You gotta be kidding me, right?  New vet, new place, stabbies,  thermometer up the wazoo, and maybe more and you think I'll be "happy".

DAD:  Its worse.  It's a "maybe".  But you remember when Ayla had her 3rd spay operation and that was a "maybe" and it worked?  This is a "maybe".

IZA:  Dang...

Im NOT happy about this Dad...
DAD: Hope and trust Iza,  Have I ever done you wrong?

IZA:    You stepped on my paw in the kitchen last week...

DAD:   You snuck up behind me. But I AM sorry.  And I let you stay on my lap for an hour after.  And I stroked you until you fell asleep.

IZA:  OK, OK, newlady vet huh?

TBT:   I've written an outline of Iza's "intake and output" problems to bring to the new vet later today.  I want her to read it first and consider the entirety of the problems before I just drop Iza on her and explain them verbally. 

Doctors sometimes don't listen very well (or sometimes all they know is what the receptionist writes down), and these are problems a vet can't discover just by an exam.  And having a written list of problems might help in a diagnosis. 

For example, are Iza's stools soft because she drinks so much water and why is she drinking so much water anyway (she always has, it's not new).  I tried an anti-diarheal and if anything, her stools are worse. 

And what's with the white foam most mornings at dawn?  That almost sounds like me when I had acid reflux problems the last 10 working years (stopped completely a few months after I retired).  But I can't think of any stress Iza has.

So she regurgitates good high-quality food of various meats, drinks a LOT of water, poops pudding,  and horks foam in the morning.  She has always seemed to have a swollen stomach, but past x-rays have shown no blockage or twisted intestine.  Dr Miller could never find a cause. 

Its time to have someone new look at the problems...

Monday, August 26, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  The S-t-r-e-t-c-h...
 OK, time to get up.
I heard a can being opened...

Sunday, August 25, 2019

13th Blogiversary

TBT:  As the Hobbits say "13 is a lucky number because it can't be divided... 

Well between Skeeter and LC in their elder years, and Ayla/Iza/Marley to start young, we have collectively managed 13 years of blogging!  I am sometimes amazed.  It all started because I discovered Max The Psychokitty's blog in 2004 and then 1 or 2 others. 

One of them (I think Max's) had a button that said "Free Blog".  After I was retired a few months and had some time, I pressed the button.  Pressing buttons should not be done lightly.  Like the wardrobe in 'The Chronicles of Narnia', Bilbo's road out of the Shire, Alice's rabbithole, or the WWI soldier who went wandering around France and discovered 'The Man Who Planted Trees' you never know what will happen when you try something new to you.

In my case, it was a rescue.  I had engaged in discussion groups on several topics back when the internet was 9.6k dial up.  It was slow streaming chat.  Some of them closed, some were overtaken by trolls, some were so contentious that I left, and one triggered me to sufficient anger that I (to my everlasting shame) was kicked off of.

Then the BUTTON showed up and I pressed it.  It was all quite confusing at first.  I tried a first post on August 25, 2006.  I only got it to show up days later, but the title of the post was the date, so I count that the official start.

My original idea was (and to an extent still is) to describe the world from a cat's POV.  Skeeter and LC did not understand glass doors,  where food came from, what *I* was (which is why I'm "TBT" mostly), etc.  But you can't keep that up forever.  I've let the cats gain understanding over the years.  Their English has improved a bit (but they maintain some spelling and grammar of their own).  They can type somewhat, but I always do some minor editing while trying to allow their basic sense of the world to come through.

Well otherwise,  mousies and birds and frogs, crickets and Stinky Goodness from cans would all just be called "food".  Some allowances to readers is necessary.  And some slightly improved (but hopefully not overdone) spelling seems good but plausible.

We collectively have lost some good friends over the 13 years.  Some went over The Bridge , some just vanished (OTB or just stopped blogging), some announced they were stopping, and some we dropped from our reading list.  That last is awkward. 

At various times, at some blogs I have had to resort to a lot of work to comment and it became just to difficult to get a comment posted (word verification was bad but picture-matching became an exercise in futility for me).  So one day I just deleted a dozen blogs from my feedly list. 

And there is the number of blogs I can visit these days.  I used to manage a list of 100.  Today 60 seems like too many.  As I get older (and also as the yard and house requires more attention), it gets harder to visit all my favorite blogs.  I really do apologize for that. 

I keep telling myself I will do better about that.  I also keep failing.  You would think that a retired person has all the time in the world, but what happens is that you do more things to use up all that time.

I have some ideas though...

13 years can use up most of your creative efforts.  It used to be easy, but now I have to think of things to post about.  I worry that I get repetitive. 

I hope to get to 14.

Love to all...

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Caturday Saturday Hangover

MARLEY:  I often end up with hangovers - usually my back legs.  TBT finds it amusing. 
Well, mine arent big and long and clunky like his are.  They even just naturally "float" like most of we cat's legs when we rest on our backs.
But they are also much stronger.  I mean, look at our thighs compared to Beins.  If they had thighs like ours, they could kick their silly football the whole field long and jump 12 feet high.  And that is where ALL their walking/running muscle is.  Sometimes Im surprised they can get around at all...

New post from TBT here

Friday, August 23, 2019

Flashback Friday

TBT here:  This week in 2009, it was LC, Ayla and Iza.  It was just the girls then.  I'll just show them.  Skeeter had left and Marley wasn't here yet. 

So there they were.  I forgot how old the food bowls are.  Have I really been washing those same bowls for 10+ years?
LC never quite understood how very beautiful she was.  She was totally oriented to Skeeter.  
 She did have favorite toys,  these softie mice,
 She was open to larger toys...
But she mainly loved the loved the chairs she shared with Skeeter..    LC got her name from Little Cow.  The Vet called her  LC for "Lucky Cat" . Because she was so infested with ear mites when I got her  that her eyes stuck shut until i came home the third day and saw her bumping into furniture seeking the food bowl...  And Skeeter nudged her around to the food.  She went to Dr Jeffrey the next morning.  I just thout her ears were black,  Stupid...  
LC wasn't the most attached cat to me,  but she was A Good Cat .  To her last day, she always used the litter box properly, ate whatever food I set down, and purred on the bed near me. 
She missed Skeeter so much.  A few months after Skeeter left us, she came up on my lap for the first time.  She would always snuggle with Skeeter before.  It was precious, but not long enough,  she went to join Skeeter after 13 months.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wonancat Wensday

IZA:  Wait, wht is happening here?  I'M the bowl noser, and Marley always sits away when I take over his bowl!  HIS bowl is on the right.
And I'm hungry (well, I always am).  But he looked me right in the eye and said "MINE".
Bast, I look pretty big and all, but he outweighs me by 4 pounds and is all muscle...
He's never done this before.  I don't like this "turnabout" thing...

Dont worry though, Dad just keeps putting out food until we are all filled.  I'm "plump" for a reason...

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Twofer Tuesday

AYLA:  I caught a mousie!  I don't do that very often.  I stay on the deck a lot.  But I was around the meadow bed and heard one, so I pounced it.  Well, my slender frame helps.  I don't rustle the plants like Pudgy Iza does.

But best of all, I got it INSIDE the house!  It's a rule here that iffen ya can get a mousie into the house, ya score EXTRA points.  Iza tried ta claim it (she wants some points), but while Dad dint see that I had it when I rushed inside, he DID see me drop it in the kitchen. 
He even let me carry it around for a bit.  Even onto the watery bed!  He is properly unsuemish about such things.    He even tossed it around for me.

Sadly, it was all deaded by then...
So why is it Twofer Tuesday?  Not because Iza is in the picture with me.  Or even because Mousie and Me are "two".

It's because I actually caught 2 mousies!
I've still "got it"...

Monday, August 19, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  First, I want ta thank everyne who came ta my birfday pawty Friday (and Saturday - it started late so it ended late) or sent me Happy Birfday wishes!

Second, Ayla dint fall over yesserday while napping sittin up.  We were curios though cuz TBT has told us about the time LC was nappin by the edge of the deck and she rolled over and off she went!  She landed on her feet of course and came right back up the stairs, but she glared at TBT something fierce like he had something ta do with it.

Annyway, third, today I gave TBT another big reach and morning welcome...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Easy Like Sunday

We are taking it Easy by nappin today. 

Two of us the normal way
While Ayla appears ta be nappin sitting up.
We trust she will wake up if she starts ta fall over, but we are watching (ready ta laff) just in case...

Friday, August 16, 2019

Marley's 9th Birfday!

MARLEY:  Sorry we were late.  We had some computer troubles... 

We open today with this lovely card from the Meezer Mews...

We have all kinds of games and activities...

And of course there all kinds of fancy foods and drinks...

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our home.
For the time together,
And the time we spend alone.

We are thankful for the food we eat,
Stinky Goodness in the house,
And outside caught with teeth and feet.

We are thankful for the softness
Of the pillows, towels and blankies
And of Dad's so warm of lapness.

We are thankful for the toys
Reminding us of mice outside
That rattle, move, or make some noise.

We are thankful for the Vet.
He keeps us healthy, helps us thrive.
But we wont tell him that quite yet.

We are thankful for our Dad.
He organizes home and life.
And we and he are all quite glad.

But mostly thankful for each other.
As cats, we unnerstand each other best.
In spite of having diffrent Mothers,
We all are Famly, tail to breast,
In spite of spats, to one another.
We love our Bein Dad, of course,
But just does not know
How to lick our furs in place
Or how to sniff back low.

And so we want to mention here
A birfday coming up for Marley,
Reaching Nine this very year
Tomorrow.  Give a head-bump
To him then and wish him happiness unendly.

There will be games, and treats and toys,
Bags and boxes.  And dont be coy.
We have a special game in mind
Mostly of the mousie kind.

The meadow garden did not bloom,
All mostly weeds and wild strawberries.
But what it also grew, we found,
Was families of mice profound.

More than we need, so we invite,
All outside kitties for a chance.
To show their skills and perchance
Reduce the local population
Of the source of yard affliction.

And we will add, it may seem funny,
But Marley chased a youthful bunny
Out of the Meadow Bed
It ran to brambles so it lived.

But where theres one, theres 2 or 3
Or 3 or 4 or 4 or 3.
There might be 5 we are not sure.
But if they're 5, they may be more.

We outside cats (well sometimes so)
Can try to find em
And those that caught em
Can sure dine gladly upon them.

And with bunnies caught and et,
We'll catch some mousies for to bring
Alive inside for those who get
Not to experience the thrill of
outside life and yet
Would love to sniff and smell
The fur and breathe and rub
Of mousies collected in the bathtub!

Come one, come all!

And of course, hunting is not required.  Bags and boxes will be all around the house.  TBT will have treats and toys in his pocket to toss around randomly.  And we are sure all will have a great time.

So come and join us for Marley's 9th Glorious Birfday tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  I am a cautious cat.  I'm a responsible cat.  I'm also the eldest cat.  And, far as I can tell, I have a better memory than Iza or Marley  (I swear to Bast, sometimes it seems like they dont even TRY).

Well, back when Grampa was here, there was a bad storm (Iza slept through it, Marley hid UTB, and I just stayed away from the windows).  TBT came in the living room and thought that a part of the ceiling looked odd.  It was "just" a little unflat, he told Grampa.

So he went into the attic and found a slow drip, and put a big trashcan under it.  Good thing he did, because we were all about to go to bed and maybe the ceiling would have crashed like melting jello. 

The next morning, he found a tree branch had poked a tiny hole in the roof.  He covered the area and called a ceilinger atticer roofer to come take a look.  But the roof was old and the flat things on the top were all crumbly and some of the top was rotting, so he had it all replaced.

So now, whenever there is a storm, I get up high and watch the ceiling.  We have had lots of severe storms lately., so I dont want our house to fall in.  I would get RAINED ON and I hate that.

So here is me watching the ceiling carefully during a recent rain...
  After the storm ended, I got down, and TBT gave me some treats.  He says I am a Very Good Girl...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Temperature Control and Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  It is very warm outside lately (90), but sometimes when I come in the house seems too cool (74).  So I still sit on the weak warmy mat (80-something) to cool down gradually.
Sudden changes are dangerous.  I could catch cold or something, ya know?
But then it is time to cool down a bit more, and floor is really good for that.  It may look uncomfortably hard, but being "pleasingly plump" does have some advantages.   Ayla never naps on the floor cuz she is all skin and bones. MOL!
 In fact, when she walks by and sees me lookin all comfy on the wood floor, she mutters vaguely and heads for the soft recliner top or the waterybed. 
Sometimes I do it deliberately just ta annoy her.  Then, when she is settled down out of sight, I get on the hammick...  MOL!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Mancat Monday - Morning Glory

MARLEY:  The Mews Room window doesnt actally get morning light.  Its on the north side, but the window is so close to the platform tree (and by the time TBT actally gets up) it is pretty bright.  So it FEELS like morning, ya know?
So it IS morning when TBT finds me there most mornings.  I usually greet him with wide open paws.  He missed it this time, but thats the cameras fault.  And I don't do it twice...
So I hopped down and went to the kitchen to wait for First Breakfast.  It was served promptly, as usual.  It is good ta have routines!  Getting the day started with things ya can expect is allus good.