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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Not Good Tuesday

IZA:  I cant belief it.   Dad is going ta bring me to the NEW vet (Dr Jeffrey retired 3 moons ago) and not fer an annual visit either.  Well, not today, but soon.

So what if my poops are like "pudding"  So What if I return my first meal to the floor sometimes?  So what iffen  I hack up white foam every morning?  Who doesn't?

TBT:  Iza, most cats DON'T.  Ayla and Marley don't.  Neither do your friends (mostly).

IZA:  They don't?

TBT:  No.  You have a problem, Iza, and maybe now that Dr Jeffery has retired, we should take a new look at it.  Just because Dr Jeffrey couldn't find the problem doesn't mean a new vet can't.  Wouldn't you like to eat and keep your food down in the morning?

IZA:  Well, yeah, I guess...

DAD MODE (I'm still trying to get used to this):  So understand, Iza, it is going be an annoying visit.    The new vet is going to stab you a couple times, invade your nether parts and "maybe" do some other annoying stuff I don't even know about.  But she really cares about kitties and wants to figure out how to make you happier!

IZA:  "Happier"?

DAD:  Well, do you LIKE horking up foam every morning?

IZA:  Well no.

DAD:  So let's give the new vet a chance to make you feel better, OK?

IZA:  You gotta be kidding me, right?  New vet, new place, stabbies,  thermometer up the wazoo, and maybe more and you think I'll be "happy".

DAD:  Its worse.  It's a "maybe".  But you remember when Ayla had her 3rd spay operation and that was a "maybe" and it worked?  This is a "maybe".

IZA:  Dang...

Im NOT happy about this Dad...
DAD: Hope and trust Iza,  Have I ever done you wrong?

IZA:    You stepped on my paw in the kitchen last week...

DAD:   You snuck up behind me. But I AM sorry.  And I let you stay on my lap for an hour after.  And I stroked you until you fell asleep.

IZA:  OK, OK, newlady vet huh?

TBT:   I've written an outline of Iza's "intake and output" problems to bring to the new vet later today.  I want her to read it first and consider the entirety of the problems before I just drop Iza on her and explain them verbally. 

Doctors sometimes don't listen very well (or sometimes all they know is what the receptionist writes down), and these are problems a vet can't discover just by an exam.  And having a written list of problems might help in a diagnosis. 

For example, are Iza's stools soft because she drinks so much water and why is she drinking so much water anyway (she always has, it's not new).  I tried an anti-diarheal and if anything, her stools are worse. 

And what's with the white foam most mornings at dawn?  That almost sounds like me when I had acid reflux problems the last 10 working years (stopped completely a few months after I retired).  But I can't think of any stress Iza has.

So she regurgitates good high-quality food of various meats, drinks a LOT of water, poops pudding,  and horks foam in the morning.  She has always seemed to have a swollen stomach, but past x-rays have shown no blockage or twisted intestine.  Dr Miller could never find a cause. 

Its time to have someone new look at the problems...