Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Twofer Tuesday

IZA:  TBT has a rolled-up camo pillow that he uses to support his leg when we sit on his lap.  But when he is not using it he places it on the desk near the chair.

Guess who discovered it?
I give the stinkey eye to anyone who wants to share it or take it!
Oh, my lovely softy pillow...   We are together forever.
OK, sometimes I slip off.  But the GRAMPA Remote is a good height.   I call it the Gramps Remote because when Grampa was her, all he needed to do was push 2 bottons ta watch Fox News.  But that was too complacated, so TBT got up early every day to let him watch that and went back to bed fer 2 hours.

BUT it turns on all the TV type devices with one button and he likes it too.
He says I better stop changing the channels.  That means I'm smarter than Grampa was.  Ooh, I shouldnt say that...
 Anything in reach is napping-good.
I turned on a soccer game.  Good fer sleepin...
TBT says I caused no scores for 30 minutes.  He was joking, right?
I better go back to the pillow...

Twofer Tuesday?  Well, its the pillow and me and me and the remote.  That's "two" right?