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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Caturday Saturday

TBT:  Well, some preliminary news about Iza.  I brought a detailed list of her problems to the new vet last week.  The front desk person said they don't do things that way, but I explained that these were problems that wouldn't be observed in a regular office visit and I wanted the Vet to consider them before I brought her in.  She reluctantly accept the list and scanned it into Iza's records.  The expectation was that they would contact me for an appointment after the Vet had reviewed the symptoms.

I also mentioned that the previous Vet (whom they had combined practices with anticipating his retirement in May (he did) had never seemed to pay enough attention to her issues, and since we were starting over with a new vet, it seemed like a good time to make a deliberate restart on addressing Iza's problems in detail. 

I will add that the new Vet seems more organized.  The previous Vet had folders of paper; the new one has everything on computer.  We even get birthday wishes. 

I was beginning to feel ignored, but I got a very good email from the Vet herself last evening.  She went into considerable detail about the possible problems, possible solutions, and the possibility that some of the problems might not be curable.

To summarize, Iza horks up white foam at dawn, can't keep down a full meal first thing in the morning, will eat dry food until she returns it to the floor, has pudding poop, and won't poop in the litter box unless I happen to be standing there (at which time she is a "good girl").  She appears to have a constantly swollen belly.  She drinks water constantly.

The Vet mentioned each issue (so she read what I gave them).  She mentioned Gastritis, IBD, stomach-lining irritation, food allergies, eating habits, diabetes, and possibly kidney disease.  She suggests a blood tests, possibly and xray, meds, habit-changes, and an exam. 

Iza has an appointment on the 16th.  Given the new Vet's positive and detailed email, I have hopes that Iza (and I) will get some relief from at least some of her problems.  It may require several visits, some meds, some special foods, etc, but I won't mind that a bit. 

Just wanted to give everyone an update of the situation.  I won't know whether this results in anything successful maybe even after the initial visit, but the attitude of the new Vet seems promising.