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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Werdless Wensday

Hut Stay

MARLEY:  I din't mention this before, but I skinned my jaw bottom a couple weeks ago.  I felt kinna stupid about that and werked hard not ta let Dad know.
But ya can't hide things from Dad fer long.  I mean, he KNOWS I love chin scritchies and when I jumped at the touch, he made me show him.  He did some quick research and it said the stuff he uses on his own ouchies was OK fer cats.  So he smeared me up.  Bast, ya can't lick yer jaw bottom very well...
So that's why I was hiding in the barn.  I spent most of 3 days there (well I did eat) and that ointment stuff worked really good.  Even all my fur is back now.
So when I went to Dad, I ASKED for chin scritchie.  All is well.  I'm not telling him WHAT I did that caused it, but I'll sure try not ta do that again.  And I WONT blame that rabbit with the nasty teef...  I'd fight too.