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Monday, September 23, 2019

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I was sitting at the deck door last evening and watchin it get dark outside.  I sure wish I was out there.  Dad says its not safe out there at night.  But it is SO inneresting out there in the dark.  I can catch mousies better.

But the only way I can stay out at night is iffen I don't come inside when he calls me at sunset.  I stayed out twice this moon.  He got pretty upset, so I suppose I shouldn't.

He's getting trickey though.  He calls me before sunset for "Dinnertime" and I always LOVE to hear that.  I pay more attention to "Dinnertime" than I do my own name.

So here I am sitting at the deck door as it gets dark after dinner...

I wish I was out there.  But as Dad says, "there are owls"...  So, I guess it is better to eat a few thousand more meals and nap on his lap than catch a few more mousies.