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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Snoozy Tuesday

IZA:  I wasn't paying much attention ta this chair untir Dad put the bloo cloth on the seat.  Then I went right up.  I KNOW when something makes me look good!
Sometimes I pull it around a bit.  Ya know what he does?  He comes over and offers ta straitens it out.  He knows I want ta good my best even while sleepin.  
But this time I opened an eye and said to leave it.  I had JUST the right fold unner my cheek fer comfy.
He is always agreeable.  So I went back ta sleep.
Stayed there 6 hours.  Well, I'd had a busy day...  Followed him around the yard for a while.  Chased an Evil Skwerl.  Joined Marley in catchin a couple mousies.  Sat on Dads lap awake for scritchies.  I needed ta sleep.

That confuses Dad sometimes.  I'll be purring away and suddenly get up and hop to the chair ta nap.  Its an instinct thing.  A part of my brain suddenly says "go sleep".  I always obey my brain...