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Saturday, October 05, 2019

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Yesserday, I posted some old pictures of Me and Iza being nice to each other.  That surprized some of you.

Memories Of Eric And Flynn said "It looks like you both used to get on really well. What happened that you now need Marley to keep things peaceful between you?"

Pilch92 of 15 And Meowing said "That is so sweet. I didn't know these two ever got along so well. :)"

Well, we DID get along better at first.  But Iza decided she wanted TBT all for herself and started bullying me.  I dint have any experience with that, so it took me a while to adjust to having my legs tapped when I walked by, being pushed away from my bowl, and being pounced when I went through a doorway.

She was bigger than me, but I learned to stay up high because she was too fat to get up much.  And I learned to surprise her too.  One time I just hopped off the cat tree right onto her back.  Haha, you should have seen her run.

I should mention that Iza never used her teef or claws; she just wanted me to leave.  And I dint want to!

But TBT could tell neither of us were happy and that something had to change.  He remembered how Skeeter was got at protecting LC from Mean Old Tinkerbelle.  So he decided to find another male orange/white cat and one day one magically appeared in the guest bedroom.  He stayed there fer a couple of days while Iza and I talked to him unner the door.

And when he was allowed out and Iza and I stopped being so focussed on each other, things improved.  We were more innersted in Marley.  So he did actally calm things down here.

And he generally protects me from Iza.  Like sometimes when he sees Iza is planning a pounce, he will just casually walk between us just as I walk by.

I notice stuff like that.