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Friday, December 06, 2019

Flashback Friday

This was from November 2009.  LC was curled up on the easy chair.
But the important thing here was the furniture.  I bought a matching set of sofa, loveseat, and easy chair with my first promotion salary in 1978.  The fabric was impervious to cat claws (the salesman stabbed it with a pen and brushed it back to show off).  I loved it for years.  But I eventually donated the sofa and loveseat to Goodwill.

The reason I mention this is because the fabric was randomly placed on each piece and I had pictures (long gone now).  Several weeks later, there was an article in The Washington Post newspaper about how charities helped people needing furniture.

It was my furniture!  There was no question about it.  The patterns matched precisely.  The Mother and kids were so thrilled to have nice furniture in their subsidized apartment.

I donate useful things when I can.  I have regular charitable donations from my retirement annuity.  But you almost never get to see who gets things or what it means to them.

So this picture represents both LC in her last few months happily napping, and what donations can mean..

Consider this a late post for "Giving Day"...