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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  I dont allus sleep ON the pillow. Sometime butt contact is good too.
What?  You don't like a comfy butt?
OK, Head on pillow...
Traditional is good too.

And besides, under that piece of plywood, there are plastic placemats that aren't flat.  So, I'm helping to flatten them!  I do my part to help around here.

On another note:  We got our cards sent out today.   It was interesting.  We discussed some themes with TBT and some parts of what we wanted the cards to say.  After that, it was up to him.   Its not like we can manage Excel and Word, after all.  The blog, yeah the other puter stuff, no... 

He did print out 3 versions of the cards and set them out for us to examine.  Marley and I laid paws on the same one.  Ayla put paws on 2 but one was the same as ours, so TBT considered it sort of unanimous.  Mostly, it was the color of the tree.  Ayla loves bloo, but green seemed more seasonal.

We had already received a couple, so we knew we needed to get going.  TBT did most of the administrative work like folding the cards and addressing (as is entirely proper).  Can you imagine US  wetting our paws to seal the envelopes?   And the stamps stick to our paws annyway.

But all went well, and we even watched the mail truck staff pick them up from the front window. 

Now we have to make sure Dad does the family cards tomorrow...