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Thursday, December 12, 2019

V-E-T Visit

IZA:  Oh BAST, did I get a work-over yesserday!
TBT scooped me up at 11:30 for a V-E-T and we dint get back until 2 HOURS later!  They did all the usual stuff AND MORE.  It was AWFUL!  Apparently, I'm going to need my own little medicine cabinet.  But I'll let TBT explain all that stuff...

TBT:  Well, Iza has some problems.  She has sometimes tossed up First Breakfast, had frequent pudding-poops, and horked white foam at dawn for years.  I have tried commercial pro-biotics, commercial and prescription anti-diarrheal medication,  small meals, and prescription thyroid gel.

Iza completed a 60 day trial run of the tyroid gel, so we went back to the vet for a results test.  Here's what we have learned/was recommended:

1.  The smaller morning meals have helped.  No horking food in months.
2.  The commercial and prescription anti-diarrheal meds did not help.  However, I figured out that she is lactose-intolerant.  I had been giving her very small bits of cheeses and vanilla ice cream (she adores both).  But I stopped 2 months ago, and that made a big difference.  Her poops have shape almost all of the time!
3.  The thyroid gel has helped quite a bit.  Her numbers were much better this time.  So that will continue.  The ear gel is really easy and she accepts it with much complaint.
4.  However, high thyroid levels mask kidney problems, and her kidney numbers are higher.  That will require a med.  So I have a new prescription to fill and hopefully that will help.

5.  The vet did a blood pressure test and the results were not good.  The numbers should be about the same as ours (mine is about 120/80).  Hers were 220/120.  The vet is expecting she needs a med for that, but (since she had been temperatured, claw-clipped, anal-gland expressed, and abdominally-palpitated (causing stress) she wants to do that again next week when she might be calmer.  I don't expect the results to be different, since Iza is pretty calm when handled and even willingly walks out of the carrier in a strange place.  But is wise to confirm the blood pressure numbers.
6.  The vet tried to get a pee sample but got nothing.  I mentioned to the vet that was strange because Iza drinks WAY more water than any cat I've had before.  She wanted me to get a small cup of pee at home, and I just laughed at the idea of trying to do THAT.  So they will try again at next week's visit.
7.  The vet recommended a prescription for pro-biotics, but she decided to hold off on that because it can affect other test results and it was the least-needed med. 
8.  She may need a special dietary food, but that's for after more tests.  I hope not.  It is hard enough keeping Iza out of the other cat's bowls as it is when they can all eat the same food!
9.  Her seemingly-excessible water-drinking will be considered further after the other problems are addressed as that can be caused be existing problems that are being treated now. 

So, Iza likely has thyroid, kidney, and blood pressure problems.  Given that, the vet said she is otherwise in good condition generally.  She has an excellent coat, teeth are in good shape, she obviously eats well, she is muscularly strong, alert, happy, friendly, and easily handleable.  In fact, the vet said she has a soft silky coat that she couldn't avoid stroking it between tests and Iza just purred most of the time.

I asked about learning to do the anal expression, but the vet recommended I don't.  She said it is difficult with cats, takes 2 people, and cats REALLY hate that so it is better to let her take the resentment than me.  I might check youtube anyway. 

We have a visit scheduled in a week, and another in a month.  We'll see what the new numbers are then.

It was almost humorous the way the vet wanted to check the costs of most things she was doing to make sure it was OK.  Well, sure, I don't want to get a $500 surprise.  But like I'm going to say "no"?  I finally said "Look, I just go to your front desk afterwards, hand them my credit card, and close my eyes while signing the receipt, LOL"!

I'm "dad", the Mews are my family, and I provide what they need.  As Stan Lee of Marvel comics used to say, "Nuff Said".