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Thursday, December 19, 2019

V-E-T Visit

IZA:  Well, I had my followup visit to the vet for more tests.  It wasnt as annoying as last week, but they still held me down and squeezed my leg and stabbed me to get some pee.  I would have provided some gladly if asked (all over the table ).
But they didnt do much else, which was good.  And as usual, they talked to Dad about me as if I wasn't there.  I suppose that didnt matter, since I didnt unnerstand ANNYTHING they were talking about.  So I'll turn it over to Dad to explain...

TBT:  Well, as the vet warned me, things looked worse than last weak, mostly because some medications mask other problems.  She has a follow-up visit in 2 weeks.

1.  Iza's blood pressure remains high.  It seems to be around 210/120 even when she was less stressed that after all the tests last week.  So she will be taking 1/4 of a 2.5 mg Amlodipine tablet for 2 weeks to see how that affects her numbers.  The vet told me she expects that to be increased, but wants to start at the lowest level.

A slightly funny story about that pill.  The vet said she thought it was a small triangular pill (she seldom actually SEES pills), and dividing it into 1/4s wouldn't be easy.  I'm good at geometry, but fortunately, it's round and I have a pill-splitter.  And fortunately, it is a cheap med.  $9 for 10 pills (40 doses).  The vet expects that Iza will need a 1/2 pill after the new tests.

2.  The vet gave my a prescription for Welactin Omega 3 for felines last time to assist kidney function last time.  It's not actually a "prescription".   The pharmacist at Walmart said they didn't carry that stuff.  Well, I had really looked at the "prescription".  When I did, I went to and ordered a bottle of the "liquid-to-add-to-food" and was happy to see it wasn't expensive.  But when it arrived (with the usual food order), the measuring scoop was missing.  I called the company and they said they would send a scoop.  It is only 1.25 ml which is about 1/4 teaspoon.  Man, that is SMALL!  At least I can just add that to her wet food.

Turned out I HAVE a 1/4 teaspoon stashed away in the kitchen.  AND I have the scoop.  It not only came out of the box but ALSO got into one of the canned food cases.  So I'll have three...

3.  Her thyroid numbers have improved "slightly".  That pretty much means she will be getting the ear gel Methimazole 2x a day for the rest of her life (she's 10.5).  She tolerates it best when I apply it when she is eating.  She tries to fold her ears back, but almost nothing can stop Iza from eating.

4.  The vet says she expects that Iza will have to go on a low-protein diet, but that depends on adjusted meds over a few months.

5.  I will get urinalysis results in a week.  I guess it is about kidney function, but in all the discussion, it wasn't clear.

6.  The vet seems oddly unconcerned about the fact that Iza drinks a LOT of water.  Maybe that is assumed with kidney problems or isn't actually a problem, but to me that suggests diabetes.  Well, I'm not the vet, and this vet (team of 2 actually) seems to know what they are doing.

I joked to the vet that Iza probably needs her own Little Medicine Cabinet and credit card.  To my surprise, she looked at me sadly and said her dog has both.


So in summary, Iza has high blood pressure, kidney problems, thyroid problems, and new tests in 2 weeks and 4 weeks after that may unmask further problems (her kidney numbers will probably be worse after the thyroid and blood pressure meds improve those problems.

Speaking of unmasking, allow me to express some personal thoughts.  When I was young and stupid, I didn't know about all these kinds of problems.  I thought cats only sufferred from bad diets, parasites, or things that vaccines prevented.  Like non-human animals very born healthy and stayed that way until "natural causes" ended their lives.  Skeeter was the first one who had obvious problems in his last (of 16 years) and thought that was rare.

But I think back on cats-who-came-before.  Maybe Mischief who died at 10 (1973-1983) could have lived more years if I had understood more about cat health.  And there were others before her.  Or maybe vets didn't know so much back then (and I won't blame them).  Knowledge of animals increases, and we learn as we go through life...

So, it is going to be a change for me to be giving Iza Omega 3 liquid supplements in her food every day, a bit of a pill orally, and ear gel 2x a day for years.  I'll do that.  It won't be easy, as I'm not used to having to do anything like that regularly (for myself or cats).

On we go, into the future...