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Sunday, December 29, 2019

An Odd Surprise

TBT here:  I had a strange day yesterday.  I got up late and had to go visit the dentist for a 6 month checkup.  Everything is fine, but there is one tiny cavity that will be filled easily in 2 weeks.  I didn't eat before the visit.  And I didn't eat after.  I did some useful work around the yard and house.  And never got hungry.

Some days are like that.  And I wouldn't be posting this here (instead of on my personal blog) but it involves Skeeter.

I updated a few programs, and one tells me about blog visitors.  Don't worry, its nothing personal.  But it suggested that I had suddenly had some 1,000+ visitors.  Well, that happened many years ago and it turned out that some weerdos had gotten into really old Skeeter&LC posts and left ads in Chinese.  Took weeks to get rid of most of them and some are unremovable.

So, to look for new ads in old ones, I scrolled down my list of old posts and AT RANDOM, I  SWEAR, I landed on December 10, 2008.  Opened it.  Skeeter's Bridge Day...

I re-read the comments to that post for an hour.  And then the posts the next days.  It was hard, but sweet at the same time.  I still miss him so much after 11 years.  Ayla, Iza, and Marley have filled my life since he and LC went OTB.

I cried again reading the comments.   And so many friends.  Most don't blog anymore or have gone OTB themselves, or have changed blog names and I've lost track.  I clicked on a lot of the names to see if they were still blogging.  Well, back a few years when the "Prove You Are A Person" security started, I got annoyed and deleted some blogs from my Feedly list.  Stupid me...  I've been trying to find some of those bloggers lately and found most were unactive.

The list of bloggers who helped me through those dark days is very long.  And I was surprised at how many of you are still blogging.  Some I thought were "newer" were there then.  It was "enlightening".

Most wrote comments of support, some wrote poems, others encouraged me to pay attention to LC and Ayla.  All was so helpful to my grieving heart.  So I wanted to take time today to say "Thank You" to those of you who were there then.  And no disrespect to newer bloggers; you just weren't there then. 

Over the years, I still sometimes cry when I think of Skeeter (and LC).  But there is less pain when I do.  When I sometimes call Marley "Skeeter", it is just an accident of memory, not a wish he could be replaced with Skeeter. 

Skeeter was the first cat I had for so long from kittenhood to death.  That was profound.  Someone commented this year (I have the world's worst memory for names) that I shouldn't think in terms of "A" heartcat and she was right.  They are ALL "heartcats" now.  I could not choose among Ayla, Iza, or Marley for "heartcat" today. 

Ayla and I struggled together through 3 spay operations before it got done right.  And she HAS to greet me in the morning at eye level on the dresser or shoe rack.  Iza is so attached to me that she cries if we are both outside and she loses track of where I am.  So I always have an ear open.  And she is distressed if she isn't in the same room.  Marley is a lot like Skeeter.  But he wants to know where I am too.  Outside, he is MANCAT, Grim Reaper of mousies.  Inside, he wants my presence.

I cherish them all.  I know that someday, they too will leave.  And they will leave a huge hole in my heart when they do.  I have trouble imagining a time when one or all are gone.  They are my constant companions.  I talk to them and they talk back.  I speak basic "cat".

I tried to imagine my life without cats in it a few days ago.  I couldn't.  There will be cats in my life until they haul me off to the crematorium.  Or the hospice or nursing home, whichever happens first.  I understand them (a brave statement to make but one I am sure of).  They are not my "pets" or my "children".  They are my housemates and my friends.  Yeah, maybe they require more care than other housemates (but you should have seen SOME I had in apartments). 

Anyway, this, I suppose, is a post of joy to The Mews.  Long may they walk with tails high, use the litterboxes. cost more in food than I spend on myself, and gladden my life every day...

BTW, I never found any "chinese ads", so I don't know what Statcounter was telling me.