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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Another Vet Visit

IZA:  I hadda go back ta the V-E-T again today.  Dad didnt warn me.  Im not sure if I want ta know or not.  Its been too often lately though.  He told me I was getting my blood pressure checked ta see if the pill I was taking (wait, what pill?) is helping, but I wouldnt get stabbed.  Apparently, Im eating a tiny little pill in my breakfast I dint even know about.

So they squeezed my tail with something, but I was brave and sat there (Dad was stroking my chin and that helped).  The good news is that the 1/4 piece of pill is helping.  My blood pressure went from 210 down to 170, the vet said it was better but not great.  It shout be like 120.  But she also says she takes off some numbers because we are always a bit upset in a strange place, so she is thinking it is more like 150 at home.  Which sounds closer to 120, so Dad and I both liked that.

Im staying on the 1/4 pill for now.  The vet said it might get to a 1/2 pill sometime but not yet (Dad was relieved.  He told her he was worried she would make him try to split the tiny round pill in 1/3s).  She laffed.

And THEN she said she thought it was time ta check my bloods!   OH NO!  I glared at Dad, but he said they had told him they wouldnt.  Not that I get anny choice in the matter...  So they took me off for "5-7 minutes".  25 minutes later they brought me back tightly wrapped in a large towel.  I wasnt a good girl this time.  I fought (well, I squirmed a lot, and Im kinna strong).  Not that I tried ta claw annyone.  So they "burritoed" me in a towel.

Well, I had a good reason!  First they stabbed my back leg, but it didnt work.  So they stabbed me a 2nd time.  IN THE NECK!  So I got stabbed twice AND stank of alcohol in TWO spots.  I went straight into the PTU and stayed there even though Dad left the door open so I could lean into his hand while he scritched me.  That helped...

She didnt check my thyroid level, saying it could wait for our annual exams in 6 weeks since my kidney numbers didnt go up.

Dad forgot the camera again, so there aren't anny pictures.  Well, they would be the same as the previous ones, and you all know what VET Visit pictures are like.

When we got home, I sat of Dads lap while he gently wiped at the smelly stuff and told me good things.  Like my blood pressure is lower, that I dont notice the 1/4 pill, that I LIKE the probiotic mixed in my breakfast (for my kidneys), that I havent tossed anny food for 2 months, that I seldom hack any clear foamy stuff, and that I will live a longer happier life.

Which made me realize that I stopped feeling the stabbies before we even got home, the probiotic actually tastes GOOD, and annything that lets me stay around Dad longer is probably a pretty good thing...


  1. Aww, Iza, that was not the funnest trip,but at least you got good news, so that is wonderful. Yes, we all want you to have the longest time possible with your Dad:)

  2. Vet visits are never fun but yours sounds good from the results point of view. Not so much fun for you being stabbed twice though. At least you know that everything is working to make you feel better, and that makes your dad happy too.

  3. I'm sure glad your BP is down some and that your taking your pill like a good girl.

  4. Sounds like it turned out okay except for the stabby part.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Vet visits are never fun, but at least you got good reports from this one!

  6. I'm glad all the results were good. It never feels like the right thing when they use the stabby thing. But just think, it's all over for now.

  7. Iza, we know you don’t like going to the vet, but at least you got some good news today. :)

  8. I love you sweetest girl, I do.

  9. Well Iza, I think you need to tell TBT that the deal is that if he isn't absolutely, 100% positive, cross-his-heart-and-hope-to-die certain that you won't be stabbed, he shouldn't say that you won't be stabbed. Instead, perhaps, he could say that he doesn't think that you'll be stabbed, but if it turns out that you have to be, he'll give you extra treats when you get home. Does that sound like a fair deal?

    Sydney, Australia

  10. I am glad your bp went down. I am sorry you had to get picked twice though. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Prancie. XO

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  12. Iza, you are a furry good, brave kitty girl, putting up with all those visits to the stabby place, the way you do. We are happy that the results were good.
    Purrs and kitty kisses to you, sweet girl.

  13. Wow, that was a lot to endure. I don't blame you at all for registering your discontent but... Those Stabby Place people are clever.

    Toby ended up going a lot as he got older. Totally lost his sense of humor about it.

  14. Iza we are really glad your pressure is better and hope everything is better over the next month or few. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers that spring comes early and you can enjoy lots of fun dear friend


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